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I had three nights in Beijing, China and these are some of the things I saw on this short visit during our tour. We first visited the Temple of Heaven, a remarkable complex of altars and prayer halls built in the 15th century, where Chinese emperors once led religious ceremonies. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What hit me most was the heat, I did not expect this and even our tour manager said, this was not normal.



The vast Tian’anmen Square.

Beijing Beijing Beijing

The Forbidden City, formerly the palatial imperial residence and now a museum displaying the emperors’ collections of ceramics, bronzes, paintings and some 30,000 pieces of jade.

Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing Beijing

We also visit the Imperial Gardens, originally built in the 18th century, and surrounded by extensive formal gardens.

Beijing Beijing

At the Summer Palace, we did not get a lot of time here but we did find the Long Corridor and the Marble Boat and the largest lake that I have ever seen !

Beijing BeijingBeijingBeijingBeijingBeijing

I really enjoyed my time in Beijing, this was a dream come true and hope to return in my future. It is such a beautiful city. But I feel I did not spend enough time here. I think if I return I will spend a week here and explore if possible at my own pace.

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