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My book challenge for the rest of 2019 is to read books that I own in my home. Then either keep them or give them to charity. After my decluttering I have filled over four boxes of books that I have not got around to reading. Although, some of them I had read and what to re-read to decide if I want to keep them. I have seven bookcases filled with books and I needed to have a good sort out.

book challenge

These holds over sixty books. And are a mixture of mysteries, action, autobiographies, romance and murders.

book challengebook challengebook challenge

The only problem, that I can see is the Jeffrey Deaver books. Some of his books are part of the Lincoln Rhyme series. I have the first four as kindles and the next five to nine as hardbacks. So I think I will read them last. And start books 1-4 from my kindle when I start my kindle challenge after I have finished this book challenge. I think this will take the rest of the year. I have to be in the right frame of mind to want to read.

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