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Beauty Pie mantra is why overpay for luxury beauty products. I agree with this and why should we pay like this picture shows.

But I am also very picky. I started out paying £5 a month membership and started on a few face products. I then went onto Hair and Body in the next few months. I just started to build up a little pile of things I wanted to try. I have to be careful too, as with my rosacea skin some many products just react and upset it. When I had finished going through the website, I had twenty four items in my wishlist that I wanted to try.

May 2020

Undereye skin looking a little less ‘elastic’; chronically dehydrated; doesn’t quite bounce back like it used to? (Or you’d just like to avoid all of the above?) Ceramides could be what you’re missing. This K-Beauty undereye serum has 10% pure encapsulated Ceramides, Phytosqualane from Olive Oil, NMF-boosting Biomimetic Moisturizing Molecules and Deep Water Brown Algae to keep your skin tone and texture high and your glow mighty. Apply twice daily under your eye cream. I was hoping this would help with my sore eyes during hayfever season

We asked our favourite Swiss skincare scientist to formulate the ultimate Hyaluronic Acid serum. The brief? No budget limit and to use any and all synergistic ingredients with only proven active levels of everything in it. And here it is. With three weights of Hyaluronic Acid, plumping Polysaccharides, Pro-Ceramides and gravity-fighting Super Peptides, this is GENIUS in a bottle.

I used these products not thinking much about them, and just loved them. When they are back in stock,  I will definitely repurchase after my beauty product useup These both ticked my requirement for price, product and packaging.

I then saved up my pot and brought a bigger lot later on in the summer. I aim to try things after I have finished up more from my stash and find my ultimate favourite products.


Beauty Pie posted this in the summer of 2020

We are not exaggerating when we say that thousands of people every week ask us what they can do about sensitive skin, redness and rosacea. We’ve advised hundreds of custom skincare routines to members, and while of course your skin type is often genetic – so can’t do a complete 180 no matter what you put on it – tailored skincare can really help. Redness and rosacea can be related to internal issues (your stomach, your hormones) as much as external causes (over exfoliation, skin sensitivities) and while searching for the root cause is always first priority, we’ve got a super easy four-step starter system that anyone with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin can use, that should deliver great results in a matter of days. Our founder, @marcia.kilgore, is a skincare expert and product formulating guru, and here’s what she recommends and why. “My four favourite starter products for SENSITIVE or ROSACEA skin are: JAPANFUSION PURE TRANSFORMING CLEANSER morning and night, as a super-gentle, rinse off cleanser that emulsifies oils and softens dead skin cells. JAPANFUSION HYDRA PREP LOTION/ESSENCE to soften the skin’s surface and to act like a super-booster for every moisturizing ingredient you’re about to add on top. SUPERACTIVE CERAMIDE CAPSULES to support your natural barrier and boost the production of fatty acids and essential ceramides that are depleted by aging, pollution, sun exposure, exfoliation and face washing. And our secret weapon for skin sensitivity…SUPER HEALTHY SKIN DAILY MOISTURE LOTION. Swiss. With naturally-derived, skin-mimicking Pentavitin for deep hydration, Shea Butter to soften, moisturize and soothe, radiance-boosting Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract to protect and maintain healthy skin, and powerful anti-aging Peptides (because prevention is always the best medicine).”

August 2020

  • Jeju Stem Cell Moisture Shot Serum £7.92

From South Korea, an Aloe-Vera infused, super fluid moisture serum. It’s ultra-lightweight, quick-sinking, full of skin-protective Plant Cells and layers under (or over) anything else you might want to use it with. Plus, it’s loaded with free-radical fighting Tomato and Daphne Stem-Cell Extracts to fight oxidation, dehydration, inflammation (and promote detoxification). This was okay but I never finished it as I started to go off this. It was too runny for me, I prefer a gel serum.

  • Japanfusion Hydra Prep Lotion/Essence £8.60

This I added a spray to the bottle, and used as a toner. This acts to soften the skin’s surface and to work like a super-booster for every moisturising ingredient you’re about to add on top. I added a spray to this, but after a fortnight, my skin did not like the fragrance. I gave this to my mum to finish. 

January 2021

  • JapanFusion Deep Treatment Serum £10.71

From Japan, a booster serum fully loaded with grape and citrus antioxidants, NMF mimickers and powerful skin soothers.

  • Super Retinol Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream £7.28

Swiss-formulated, with line-smoothing slow-release retinol microcapsules, moisture-magnetizing hyaluronic acid to plump and soften, anti-aging allosteris to slowly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and bioflavonoids to brighten.

A Year Finished

Now I have finished a year, will I continue with Beauty Pie or cancel ? Are there any products that I want to repurchase as they are amazing for my face, hair or body ? There are lots of products I would like to try on my skin. But I am not in a rush for. I still have a lot of beauty to use up before I can buy everything I would like too. I will continue on my £5 a month, as it builds up and I can pop in and just buy what I fancy. I do like this brand and will recommend you to try too. But when you think I get a 50ml serum for under £20 and the ones that I have used, I have liked. It is a no brainer.

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