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This is about annual leave and being a bit savvy ! In 2019, Good Friday falls on 19 April and the early spring bank holiday on 6 May. This means you can again get 18 days off work in a row by booking just 8 holiday days – which for me is perfect for a long holiday – I am looking at somewhere in the Caribbean, possibly Cuba ?? For me it has to be somewhere warm, I just can not do cold holidays anymore and my husband is restricted with his annual leave.

annual leave

The trick is to take advantage of the fact that the Easter break falls so close to the first May bank holiday.  You can begin your holiday on 19 April, which is Good Friday and then book Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 3rd May off work.  But thanks to the Bank Holiday weekend, you will not need to be back in the office until Tuesday 7th May. Hope this helps someone !

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