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So I attempted an afternoon in London. I had wanted to visit the Edvard Munch exhibition that you can read about here


After we left the British Museum we started a walk and came across a fish and chips shop down Museum Street and we decided there and then to have a bite to eat.

Where I could only have chips. I can not eat fish or pie as I can not eat anything with wheat in. This plate was big and cost a fiver.

We came across The Royal Opera House

We then made our way down to Covent Street Market, where it was raining a lot. This was a pity, as we had planned an afternoon exploring London. It is not much fun in the rain.

We tried to sit out the rain for a bit. I came across the beautiful spot. I was hoping to visit the Noble Collection shop but I could not find it and I gave up. After we left Covent Garden, we walked down the Strand and came to Trafalgar Square where we stopped at the Cafe in The Crypt

This is one of my favourite spots in London. We had a nice warm drink and then we were back out. On Trafalgar Square there was a stage set up for a concert. So we could not get around this much. We decided to walk down towards Westminster.

You can just see a glimpse of 10 Downing Street, where we will be having a new Prime Minister in the next month.

It was still raining all afternoon, so I did not take many more shots as I hope to return to London either in the summer or maybe autumn and most likely Christmas time.

My friend left me here as she had to travel back to Leicester and I got a train back to Liverpool Street to wait for my husband as we had dinner reservations at another Hawksmoor site. This time, we visited the Spitafields one.


We shared an 750g Porterhouse steak with english greens and chips and this was delicious. I have never not had bad dinner at a Hawksmoor and it was just lovely. This afternoon did wear me out. I was absolutely exhausted on the train home back to Essex. I went straight to bed and slept for nearly nine hours. But it was such a lovely day catching up with my friend and then ended up with my husband having a lovely dinner.


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