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Visiting the Great Wall in China has been a long held wish for me. One that I had hoped to do with my husband but you can not make someone go somewhere that they do not want to – his loss !

Great Wall

Situated in a valley surrounded by mountains on two sides, it has long been a military stronghold. It was first built in the spring and autumn period  during 770 – 476 BC  and Warring States Period (476 – 221 BC) by Yan State as a fortification, and was linked to the Great Wall of China in the Southern and Northern Dynasties (386 – 589). It consists of two gates, one in the south and the other in the north, respectively called Nan (south) Guan (gate) and Bei (north) Guan. Two high watchtowers were built at each gate.

Great WallGreat Wall

The day we were visiting Beijing was experiencing a heatwave and the temperature that day was 37 degrees. We decided to take the footpath up to the wall and protect ourselves via the trees.

Great WallGreat Wall

It took about 45 minutes to get to the top and it was one of the most painful things that I have ever experienced. Truth be told, I should not have probably tried to do this. My health is still bad. And after I got to my spot, I just knew that I could not go any further. It was amazing to be finally there !

Great WallGreat WallGreat Wall

I hope to return and try again this time taking my husband. Who has now said that he would like to go !

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