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Well what can I say about 2018 this is my year in a review. And what a year, I finally got made redundant and this made me so happy. I was supposed to be made redundant in 2011 but was instead transferred to an awful company. Into a role, I did not mind but I just wanted to leave and then we were promised redundancy since 2014 and it kept getting put off. After twenty years, I knew I would get a lovely pay off which went on some of my favourite things – my home and travelling !


This started with the introduction of the new medication for my rheumatoid arthritis. I now inject myself, not great for someone who does not like needles. But the fact it is has worked on some of my symptoms is a good thing. So hoping to be able to go back to work and travelling without complications next month !



Strictly Come Dancing at the O2 was a bit of a disappointment. But I had amazing anniversary lunch at our favourite The Galvin Green Man. And I thought I would be going back to work. But my doctor refused and signed me off for a further six months. I also had my first redundancy meeting. and the discussion meant I was able to apply for early release.



My mum and I went to Malta for a few days. Although it was not warm for me. It was a lovely introduction and somewhere I hope to return. And I was successful after applying for my redundancy. My last day was the 1st March and it feels amazing to be finally free.



This I spent catching up with friends. I still can not get out much, so my friends came and took me out. And it was nice to see lots of different people and return to favourite and new restaurants. My favourite meal was at Loch Fyne. And I saw Marvels Avengers Infinity War twice and loved it both times. I can not wait until the sequel next year !



This started with visits to both my rheumatoid doctor and my new orthopaedic surgeon. So finally getting somewhere with my health. I also went on my first ever solo tour with Riviera Travels  exploring the Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania. Riga in Latvia was a surprise and I am already making plans to return. My favourite memory was The Hill Of Crosses. I loved finally seeing this in the flesh. However, a mistake with my medication. No Humira for three weeks and my symptoms came back with a vengeance. I had to fly home early from this holiday.



A completely solo trip taking in Austria, Slovakia and Poland by train. And thankfully back on humira made this trip possible. All three countries were beautiful. Bratislava, a tiny city easily done in a couple of days. I really enjoyed travelling by train to all of them.



I took a return visit to the North East to visit my friends. We went to York and it was beautiful. However after returning home, my health again took a turn. More tests to see what is going on inside. After all you have to take care of yourself as no one else will. It was a very scary thing being told you might have ovarian cancer.



Birthday month and I got my results in early August thankfully not ovarian cancer. My husband and I had our first holiday together since September last year and we travelled to Oslo in Norway. Then my intolerance results came with life changing news. You can read about it here. Belgium and Luxembourg was also visited and so pleased to finally see the flower carpet festival.



I went to Russia which is somewhere I have been dreaming off for twenty years or more. And I loved it so much. I did another solo tour and had such amazing time visiting St Petersburg and Moscow. I also went to Vietnam with my mother. This trip was hit and miss. But I was pleased to finally visit this country.



This month I was still in Vietnam. I found a new favourite city I plan to return too with my husband during the winter months. This was Saigon. I enjoyed this city so much. I also went to another new country being Cambodia. Taking in both cities of Phnon Penh and Siem Reap. And visiting the Angkor Wat temples was a bucket list for me.



We took our first trip to South America, visiting Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu Falls has been another bucket list for me for years and you just have to see it to believe it. It was amazing. Buenos Aires was beautiful but I was not a fan of Rio De Janiero. But you can not like them all. I am just wanting to return and see more of South America. And I have lots of plans now !



A return to Spain, this trip was a surprise, but changes at home made this possible. We went to Cartagena, Almeria and a return to Murcia. I love Spain so much and it was nice to visit during the winter. And I think my husband and I came to the realisation that this is where we want to be. But lots of things have to be worked out. So at least we are both working towards this. My grandmother died and this was heartbreaking.


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